Sandun Gamage SPECIALIST in Wedding Photography

Sandun Gamage

Having entered the clicking scene as a fashion and personal photographer with the widest-read Sunday Lankadeepa’s Sandella tabloid way back in 1996, Sandun shot to fame as a photographer cum feature writer for Sandella right up to today. In this field he has clicked almost all popular faces of almost all popular professions and this could possibly be a record of sorts. It is impossible to imagine another name who has matched the class and calibre of Sandun Gamage.

In his colourful career spanning more than 15 years, he has captured photos in areas like fashion, personal photography, environment, sports, architecture and weddings in which he excels in the top bracket.

The specialty in Sandun is that the multi-faceted photographer has always been unique and has never tried to imitate others.

SA Creations

The thousands of wedding photographs captured by Sandun will bear testimony to the claim that he has indeed done justice to the matrimonial ceremonies by infusing a touch of Lankan-ness to them.

Sandun who has won the hearts of hundreds of satisfied customers via his studio – Sandun Gamage Studio standing out in wedding and commercial photography, has now started his newest advertising agency titled ‘Sa Creations’.