Sandun Gamage SPECIALIST in Wedding Photography


Capturing moments, expressions and emotions. With a blend of modern technology and traditional values, your wedding day memories will be treasured for a life time.

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Portraits see beyond all dimensions; They don’t capture people, but inner most souls.

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Sandun Gamage

Photography is an extensive media which has branched out to an assortment of spheres. Various photographers have made a name for themselves in one specific area in which they have excelled. For example, a news photographer would be able to know the ins and outs of that aspect only. But among Sri Lanka’s prominent photographers, Sandun Gamage is an exceptional character.


Recreating the fun, laughter and good times. Captures that worth a thousand live memories.

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Exploring the world is a good feeling, but sharing it amongst thousands with accurately captured scenes is an even better one.

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SA Creations

Sandun who has won the hearts of hundreds of satisfied customers via his studio – Sandun Gamage Studio standing out in wedding and commercial photography, has now started his newest advertising agency titled ‘Sa Creations’.


Behind the glitz and the glamour lies a photographer who has captured the style in the right place at the right time.

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Be humble to embrace traditions and brave enough to do experiments. Pushing limits and exploring beyond the norms and techniques of common photography.

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Taking journalism to the next level. Captures that are embraced by many.

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See the beauty beyond brick walls and wooden frames. Photographs that boast the magnificence of modern and traditional architecture.

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